Blue Nile Diamnonds

Blue Nile Diamonds is the largest online retailer that specializes in fine jewelry, high-quality certified diamonds and engagement rings. Besides their outstanding retail prices, at Blue Nile customers are educated about the quality of diamonds thus making shopping easy even for the first time shoppers.

Blue Nile offers thousands of diamonds that vary in carat weight, cut, color, size, clarity, enhancements and ring care. This is to ensure that customers not only get quality Blue Nile diamonds and jewelry but also that needs of all customers with regard to gemstone characteristics are met.

Why shop at Blue Nile

Variety: Blue Nile offers over 100,000 diamonds (i.e. Blue Nile signature, Canadian and fancy color diamonds) and other fine jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelet and rings (i.e. engagement, wedding and anniversary rings) for both men and women at affordable retail prices. This wide range of Blue Nile Diamonds and Jewelries ensure that the store is not only able to attract new customers but it also meets the demands of their customers

Blue Nile Diamonds

Quality: Blue Nile is one of the jewelry shops that sell the highest quality jewelries in the world. Therefore shopping at Blue Nile is risk free because they offer the finest certified loose diamonds and jewelries. They make their jewelries using top quality materials and thus they are always confident that customers will find perfect Blue Nile diamonds or pieces of jewelry for the amount of money they have.

Free shipping and quick delivery: Blue Nile has partnered with some of the best shipping companies
in the world to ensure fast and reliable free shipping services for every purchase to various destinations in the world. Loose diamond purchases are delivered by FedEx International priority within 1-4 working days while other purchases are delivered by either Interlink Ireland (Ireland only) or FedEx International Priority from Blue Nile. In addition, Blue Nile’s products reach customers in good condition.

Gift packaging: Blue Nile packages customers’ gift in matte blue and encloses it with a free gift card thus eliminating the need to wrap the gift with paper. Therefore, if a customer orders a gift to personally give a friend or wants Blue Nile to directly deliver it the recipient will surely be very impressed with the packaging.

30-Day return or exchange policy: Blue Nile Diamonds 30-day return policy gives customers enough time to ensure that their purchase is in good condition, if not then they are free to return it within 30 days for an exchange or a full refund of their money. Purchases shipped between 15th November to 15th December are eligible to extended Blue Nile holiday return policy and can be returned through 16th January, 2013 to Blue Nile. Just like the 30-day return policy, extended return policy is applicable to items with no engravings and in their original condition.

Ring sizing: The store provides a ring seizer that is printable to help customers determine the actual size of their finger in order to make shopping for rings easy. They also offer free ring resizing services for customized engagement rings when they are within the sizing range that is recommended by the manufacturer within the first year. For rings that can not be re-sized such as diamond rings with a particular number of gemstones for each finger size; ornate bands; ornate bands; certain silver rings or rings that have alternative metals like tungsten they exchange the rings for a different size so long as it is returned within 30-days from the day of purchase.

Free shopping consultancy: Blue Nile has friendly, intelligent and highly experienced Diamond and fine jewelry consultants who are always willing to help customers find the Blue Nile diamonds and jewelries that they want with regard to their budget and preference. These consultants can also help a customer find a unique gift such as a diamond or pearl jewelry for a special event; customize an engagement ring to suit the customer’s finger size, taste and style or locate a particular diamond even if it is not listed on the website.

Fancy color diamonds: Blue Nile offers a unique collection of fancy color diamonds that are very rare such as red, pink and green colors. All fancy color Blue Nile Diamonds bear a natural hue and are never at any moment subjected to artificial coloring methods such as irradiation or dyeing. In addition, this diamonds are also accompanied with a report from Gemological Institute of America – GIA therefore, when shopping for Blue Nile Diamonds be assured of getting a genuine fancy color diamond.

Payment options: The Blue Nile credit cards offer three favorable financing options which allow a customer the flexibility to pay for his/ her purchases over time. Option one allows the customer to pay for the products within 25 days of purchasing, option two charges no interest if the customer settles his/ her purchase balance within one year of purchasing, while option three charges interest only if the customer does not pay for purchases within the required time. Other benefits of the credit card include access to Blue Nile Diamonds offers and promotions that are meant for member’s only, flexible payment options and no annual fee.

Canadian diamonds: Blue Nile also offers Canadian diamonds. Diamonds from Canada are considered some of the best in the world because the manufacturing process strictly adheres to the ethics and the recommended environmental guidelines in addition to employing the Kimberley process.

Blue Nile Diamonds laser inscription

All the Blue Nile’s signature diamonds are inscribed with the diamond’s certificate number and the Blue Nile logo on the girdle. This laser inscription is only visible at 10X magnification and does not affect the brilliance of the diamonds. The purpose of the laser inscription is for easy identification and to help distinguish Blue Nile signature diamonds from other jewelry dealers’ diamonds. The inscription is also used as a mark of quality for the Blue Nile Diamonds because it contains the certificate number of the diamond.

Blue Nile is the most ideal place to purchase diamonds and other fine jewelries. Besides offering a wide range of products at reasonable prices their diamonds are conflict free and strictly adhere to international measures like the Kimberley process. Blue Nile Diamonds will surely never disappoint you.